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... ‘ESCM’ is BT (Brian Transeau)’s second album, the first was ‘IMA’ (which practically invented trance) and the last was ‘Movement in Still Life’ (henceforth MiSL, a brilliant collection of breakbeat, trance, drum & bass, hip-hop and classical musicianship). ... Read review

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AdvantagesDreamy musical soundscape, long (76 minutes), varied, relaxing

DisadvantagesSeems samey because there's often as much variation within tracks as between them - making it indistinguishable, not dance-floor-filling

"I was disappointed to find that this album meant Electronic Sky Church Music (on another website) as personally I always liked to think the title meant ‘Escapism’ (on the ESC = escape basis) and that would be a perfect title, because that’s what this album is. It’s perfect music if you want to drift peacefully away into a sleep; more trance inducing than trance. ‘ESCM’ is BT (Brian Transeau)’s second album, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Eatcha


Wasting time...


Disadvantagesnothing hard hiting brilliant.

"If you want to waste your time this is the album to do it with ! Now how many of you thought that was insulting, well its not so read on.... Music to waste time to, on those days you arrive home and you've got to waste 15 minutes while your wife cooks your tea. When the girl friends on the phone to her girly mates and you need a fix of something other than "oooh he’s so funny and have you seen his mate...". .Whip this out slow methodical tunes ..." Read review

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Product details

Title ESCM
Performer BT
Genre R&B
Sub Genre House
Release Date 22/09/1997
Original Release Year 1997
Label / Distributor Perfecto/East West / Cinram Logistics
Pieces in Set 1
Studio / Live Studio
Format Performer
EAN 639842006521
Catalogue Number 3984200652

Additional notes

Album Notes Personnel: Brian Transeau (vocals, guitar, vocoder, bass, drums, DJ); T.H. Culhane, Jan Johnson (vocals); Vinnie Reilly (flamenco guitar).
Engineers: Brian Transeau, Simon Hale, Jason Corsaro.
Recording information: Omega Studios, Rockville, MD; Planet 4 Studios; Abbey Road Studios, London, England; Blue House On A Hill Studios, MD.

Titles on disc 1

1. Firewater
2. Orbitus Teranium
Show all Product InformationHide additional Product Information
3. Flaming June
4. Road To Lostwithiel
5. Memories In A Sea Of Forgetfullness
6. Solar Plexus
7. Nectar
8. Remember
9. Love Peace And Grease
10. Content


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Some brilliant songs, Beyonce has geniune talent.
Loses it's appeal half way through, some very disappointing collaborations. (*)
A few bangers
Inconsistent (*)
A good solid pop album
A little safe (*)
similar by Subgenre (House)
Lots of big dance tunes
A couple hold it back (*)
good 1st disc
very, very commercial (like most ministry cd's now), even cheesy at points. (*)
similar by Original Release Year (1990 to 1999)
Some Memorable Tracks
A Few Fillers (*)
Deep and Virtuous Lyricism and Storytelling; Production Brilliance; Cinematic and Thought-Provoking Concept
The fact that Jigga never, ever came close again... (*)
Lots of big tracks
One weak tune (*)
Great songs, incredible vocals, sensitive lyrics
Maybe a little bit cheesy by today's standards, a lot of vocal acrobatics which may be annoying for some (*)
Lots of bangers
A few tunes let it down (*)
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