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Fizzy Pop - Towers Of London

Fizzy Pop - Towers Of London

Towers Of London - Fizzy Pop - cod:10330

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Product details

Title Fizzy Pop
Performer Towers of London
Genre Rock & Pop
Release Date 06/10/2008
Recomended Retail Price 5.99
Original Release Year 2008
Label / Distributor Vibrant Music / Proper Music Distribution
Pieces in Set 1
Studio / Live Studio
Format Performer
EAN 5060177050036
Catalogue Number VIBECD 005, 005

Additional notes

Album Notes How could the bad boys of 2006 be succumbing to Fizzy Pop just two years later? Well, the title of Towers of London's second album is an acknowledgement that they're trying to embrace their inner Slade, to make big dumb music ever so slightly ironic. Fizzy Pop is all big-booted stomps, clomping clap-alongs powered by fuzzy chords, and boneheaded chants. It's somewhere between Sweet and Poison, utterly lacking in the well-considered postures of Blood Sweat & Towers, a debut that made far too big a deal of street-cred. The Towers push any notion of credibility into the dustbin here, keeping the growling guitars along with the polyurethane production that constrains the band, keeping them from quite being the nasty boys they so desperately want to be. That lacquered gloss can be as distancing as Donny Tourette's squeaky whine, but the Towers' enthusiastic embrace of junk trumps the group's gutter wallowing on the debut -- after all, that seemed like a pose, so it's better for the band to act like the poseurs they are. No matter the year, glam bubblegum is a good fit for poseurs, so Fizzy Pop actually crackles with some effervescent fun -- not quite like gum, but more like Pop Rocks, fizzling and sparking unexpectedly before their taste fades. And like Pop Rocks, Fizzy Pop is samey over the long run, so it's better to swallow in small doses, to hear how "Time Is Running Out" has a slight a hint of Killers new wave, how the Gary Glitter jam on "1984 (Nanny Nation)" is just about as effective as Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," "Naked on the Dance Floor" almost rides its riff into blissful oblivion, "Go Sister Go" has just enough Stonesy twang to its riff to have some juice. The Towers aren't quite charismatic enough to make this compelling but that deficiency, like Donny's reedy voice, becomes manageable, almost endearing, if given a chance: these guys aren't real, but they have the good sense to know they're trash and almost enough hooks to be as trashy as they wanna be. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Titles on disc 1

1. Naked on the Dance Floor
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2. Go Sister Go
3. Time Is Running Out
4. 1984 (Nanny Nation)
5. Queen of Cool
6. Start the Rupt
7. When She Comes
8. Avaline
9. If It Don't Feel Good
10. Bishops Gate
11. Beach Bar, Mystic Shadows
12. New Skin


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